psychic attack


The saying, “Thoughts are living things” is true. It is actually the intensity of emotion and intent behind the thought that does the most damage to another person. Most of us go through life unaware of this and the impact of “ill will” sent against us.

Psychic “wear and tear” can happen if we remain under attack, its exhausting! It is also more likely to have greater impact at times of over tiredness, emotionally or mentally difficult times, or when we are physically run down after an illness. At these times we are also more susceptible to taking on board the negativity of others around us, as if we are sponges, absorbing the emotions and effects of thoughts of those we encounter. We can counter this by creating a daily routine of grounding and protecting our energy. it can be very simple.

You will probably never run into random pure living evil in your lifetime, but from time to time you will come across people that exude and project their own issues of unhappiness, judgemental behaviours, jealousies or active/passive aggression. These exercises I’m about to share with you will help guard you against the impact of this over time. All it takes is a moment or two of daily morning and night, a worthwhile tiny investment of time to create a happier and well protected you!

Some attacks happen unintentionally. Most people don’t realise their feelings and thoughts can seep into the auric fields of others who just happen to be around them or being thought of. This explains why we can suddenly feel unwell, angry or depressed out of nowhere, like someone threw a switch in our bodies…we suddenly experience whatever they may be feeling. When we leave the company of that person, or hang up the call, we feel the effects of that energy dump. These feelings are not ours to carry and over time if left unprotected from this barrage of overwhelm, we become foggy, unwell or confused by the ever changing moods and feelings we experience.

Places can also retain emotional events, highly charged moments can become the energy equivalent of a stain in the ether, which we can run into and sense too. Shopping centres, busy places where a large volume of people are going about their business, public transport, even old historical buildings – these can become uncomfortable places to be.

Just as you would fight with your arms and legs to defend a physical attack, you can effectively use visualisation to defend against psychic attack and the wear and tear of being stuck in sensory overload.

Positive visualisation is key to managing this effectively – the mind is powerful and has kept many people alive in very dire circumstances!

You can do this anywhere, I personally go through my protection with eyes closed and don’t speak out loud – I know others who do theirs eyes open & speaking – whatever suits you is fine!

(You can download an audio version here)

You can be sitting, standing or lying down, just as long as you are comfortable and not restricted in any way as this will distract you.

If appropriate you may wish to light incense, clear your space with sound, or hold a crystal, a wand or nothing at all – use the tools that feel right to you if you need them. If you are in a public space, you can just run through this in your mind while you daydream.


1)Close your eyes.
Take deep breaths, allowing the air to come into your body to cleanse and relax you. Breathe slowly and deeply. Do this until you feel comfortable and relaxed.

2)Visualise a strong, beautiful white expanse of pure light far above you. See a ray of this light extend down to you – the light comes from above, it is of the same essence as life itself, it is Universal life force energy from the source of creation, pure and filled with love, warmth & great protection.

3)You feel the light surround your body, covering you, filling you up from top to toe, totally enclosing you in its protection. Feel the warmth, the love and safety the light brings.
Now the light forms a bubble, extending to about 2 feet around your whole body starting at the top of your head. It is a strong elastic white bubble that is full of the same universal energy you surrounded and immersed yourself in… Every cell of your body is being bathed by the light, you are safe here, no harm can come to you.

4)Take a long, deep breath and feel the peace and love as your body completely relaxes now in its protective bubble of white light, feeling very calm and peaceful.
(If you have trouble visualising this feeling, visualise and hold that feeling of being immersed in a nice hot bubble bath – nice !)

5)Now ask Spirit/God/whatever you consider a higher power for protection. You may word it as you wish, here’s a couple of typical examples to give you an idea :-

“Great Spirit, please grant me your protection, in peace, in wisdom, for truth, and love, keep me safe in your power.”
“I come in search of the righteous light, for within the pure light of truth and safety I know no harm can come to me. Please protect me and my loved ones in your power.”

6)Reinforce that bubble, feel the sense that you can send thought out and move around freely, but nothing can come inside your bubble to harm you.

You can reinforce your bubble at any time by blasting out a shockwave ring of white light from your inner reserve – see it firing out from your solar plexus or tantien energy centre (just below the navel) in a ring of energy.

Johanna Widdowson, my personal Bach Flower Practitioner gave me some advice which I found helpful too:
“Walnut – the Bach Remedy – is used for ‘protection from outside influences’…Actually, it would be a good idea for you to buy yourself a 20ml stock bottle of Walnut, and use it as a natural support to your protection practices. (Stock bottles are so-called because they just contain pure stock remedy, as opposed to a treatment bottle which is prepared with water.) If you’ve got a Boots or chemist that stocks Bach Remedies near you, you should be able to buy a bottle for between £5 and £6…and it will last you ages (only 2 drops for each treatment bottle you make up!).”



At Home, or in the company of those you feel may be under attack too:

1 – Spiritual Bubble Wrap
When sensing a negative atmosphere it is easy to imagine yourself wrapped or surrounded in brilliant light of whatever colour most appeals to you. You can actually visualise brightly glowing bubble wrap gently encasing your body or chakras if it helps!
If negative energies are being directed at you, this will act as what I call “spiritual bubble-wrap” – the negative stuff just bounces off!
Most people find a brilliant white light the most effective, as white light contains all the prism colours of the rainbow within it.

2 -Neutralise
If you are under actual psychic attack the best thing to do is try and neutralise the negativity rather than try to retaliate. Defence is the first thing you must practice.

Do this by visualising your aura expanding all around you into an egg or ball shape and filling up with the bright light of your choice. Wherever you are, feel that light expand to incorporate loved ones in your proximity, and the room, the building or vehicle you are in. Feel that energy flowing through you and out of you in a protective shock wave, covering all you hold sacred.

3 – Defend

Imagine all you have just protected being covered in reflective mirror, to bounce negative energy away from you and yours. If you feel the need to have armour plating under that mirror -go ahead! Remember to send the negative energy away from you and yours with love, so as to neutralise any harmful intent.

Ask Archangel Michael permission to borrow his armour.

Visualise yourself within a mirrored sphere or a steel box.

You can add a dome of pure white or golden light to cover your environment too.

I have also expanded my field of protection to cover the entire farm we live on, like a golden web of electrified energy so that anything that hits it gets zapped!



  1. Sphere

Useful as a preventative measure in a crowded place, in addition to the morning and night protection in place we’ve already covered above, at work or school whenever you feel overwhelmed by others, visualise a bright mirrored sphere completely enclosing your personal space. this is quick and easy to do.

2. Retract Your Aura

If there isn’t enough room to visualize a sphere without someone stepping into it (e.g. in a queue or sitting/standing close to others) then you can retract the aura back in to your physical body for a period of time.

If you want to shrink your aura back to however close you want it to be – imagine it like the “Ready Brek glow” – sounds silly but it works.

Visualise it as a bright glow covering your whole body, a few inches in depth at the most … it won’t be mingling with anyone else’s aura if you are sitting or standing that close to them with no choice. Your energy perfectly sealed and preserved! Your aura will “pop” back out to its usual personal space size when you feel comfortable again.


To ensure psychic protection during the night , ask your spirit guides, guardians, angels, and / or loved ones in spirit to watch over you while you sleep.

Ask your spirit guides, loved ones and Archangel Michael to defend you as you sleep.

Ask for angel sentinels to watch over you and yours. Ask them all to deflect any negative energy away from you with love and forgiveness.

Mentally place a huge umbrella, dome or canopy of light above you or visualise a steel box around your bed and ask your guardians to keep it in place over you and watch over you as you sleep.

Visualise folded angel wings around your defences. You can place this over children too on their behalf and ask for the same protection.



Carry a tumblestone or place some in the furthest corners of your home and in your bedroom to anchor your protection, ask the stone to become part of your defence – cleanse and dedicate your crystals to your energy first.

Small ones are inexpensive and available widely on the internet, I prefer to buy mine from an ethically conscientious seller such as KSC Crystals:

Here’s a list in order of power (in my experience)

Black Tourmaline

Tigers Eye

Citrine (never needs cleansing!)




IF you feel too overwhelmed by your experiences for this to be effective – I can help you with a powerful cleanse and banishing, performed distantly wherever you are in the world. If you know you are under repeated sustained attack from someone who bears you ill will or jealousy, regular cleanses and chakra balancing will stop the impact upon your energy. There are other magical workings I can do on your behalf if needed, I offer a bespoke service for that too.

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