If you are experiencing unwanted spirit attention or physical attack from spirit you must cease all communication and avoid spirit contact altogether, if there has ever been any contact initiated on your part at all.


The reason is this – every time you use a ouija, even a home made one from scraps of paper and a glass – you are inviting the lowest earthbound spirit into your home, and your life.

They will tell you things to gain your trust that no-one else knows, and will eventually turn nasty. Without exception.

Fortunately they cannot hurt you once you are closed down and place daily protection around yourself.

If you have used a ouija or spirit board my advice is to burn it away from home and bury what is left. This will close the portal initially.
You must not speak to spirits any more if you have been under attack. This is very important, because once things become unpleasant it has gone way beyond the stage where you have any control at all. Don’t tempt fate by continuing to communicate with the spirit world. If you really want to hear from your loved ones, book a session with a medium who has word of mouth recommendation from someone you know and trust.

Possession is rare but not impossible so make sure you take my advice !



(My audio guide and guided meditation to close yourself down is downloadable here)

Next, you have to make sure you and any other affected parties are completely psychically closed down. If you don’t close down in the correct way, you will be vulnerable to psychic attack and negative energy as well as experiencing unwelcome psychic and spiritual communication and attention.



PROTECTION IS KEY! Follow the steps in the link, make them part of your morning and night time routine. Or download this guided meditation mp3:




Again you can do this as often as you feel you need to until it works:

Starting with the four elements is a good way to bring balance and harmony into the home; this can be done with:
Fire – a plain white candle,
Air – a stick of pleasant smelling incense,
Earth – some sea salt
Water – a dish of natural spring water.

Starting with the salt is best, as it is a natural purifier and cleanser. Its qualities are of the earth element, which brings stability, wisdom and prosperity.

At the front door start to sprinkle the salt as you slowly walk through the house, as you do so visualise the cleansing properties of the salt removing the energies of any previous occupants.

While you verbalise your wishes, you could say something along the lines of “may the guardian spirits of the element of earth banish all negative and unwanted energies from this place and replace them with love and prosperity, wisdom and kindness for all who dwell within this place”.

**Leave the salt for a few hours (or overnight if you are able to), but if you have to hoover it up straight away then it won’t affect the result – but you may find you have to bless the house more often. **

There are no real rules as to what you should say during a blessing as long as it follows a similar pattern to the above.

You may find that you will waffle on for what seems like ages once you start your blessing, or you may feel happier with one short phrase repeated over and over, its entirely up to you what to say and how long it should take.

The next element to call upon is that of air, which is represented by the incense, any pleasant incense will do, but for this purpose I have found the best is Nag Champa.

The air element rules the thinking rational mind, intelligence and perception; the air spirits also bring clarity in making conscious decisions.

Start at the front door again walking slowly through the house swinging the incense burner or waving the incense sticks as you go, visualising the qualities of air sweeping through your home at the same time you could say something along the lines of

“may the guardian spirits of the element of air bring clarity of mind, speed of thought and the understanding of the mysteries of the ancients to all who dwell within this place”.

The next element is that of fire which is represented by the candle, as mentioned earlier, in pagan times the light would be brought from the hearth or stove of ones family home. The stove in particular was held in high regard as it was thought to represent the womb of the earth mother, and many women would kneel in front of the oven and pray to the goddess as giver of life and provider for the family.

The fire element rules strength, determination and passion.

Light the candle from the stove and go to the front door again and as you walk slowly through the house holding the candle in front of you visualise the qualities of fire filling your home saying something like “may the guardian spirits of the element of fire bring courage, strength, energy and passion to all who dwell within this place, *and may terror enter the heart of any wrong doer entering this place without invitation. (* quite an important thing to add in these days of rising crime}

Notice that the wording of the above elemental invocations all follow a set pattern, although when you perform your own house blessing the wording may be as you please.

Do bear in mind that because of the nature of elemental spirits they will respond better to formulae such as the above.

Then the element of water which is represented in the dish of water, this element rules psychism, the emotions, love and the feminine.
Any natural Spring water will do.

Start at the front door again sprinkling the water as you slowly walk through the house, visualising the qualities of water entering your home. As you walk through each room you could say something along the lines of

“may the guardian spirits of the element of water bring love, peace and intuition to all who dwell Within this place”.

Once you have been through every room calling upon the spirits of each element, the energies within the house should feel more harmonious.

If you have any objects that were affected particularly by spirit activity, you can bless them individually or in a group as above. If you are attuned to Reiki, then cleanse with Reiki.

Once you have completed your house blessing, to protect your home you must visualise a beam of bright white or violet light from Spirit running all around the walls, corners, windows, doorframes, loft, roof, plugs, drains everywhere there is an opening to your home – sealing all those wonderful energies into your home and to keep any negative energies out.

Once you have completed your house blessing, it might also be a nice idea to send thoughts out to any friends or relatives in the spirit world that you would still like to be around you, asking them to become regular visitors to your new home, and that they might keep a helpful and loving eye on you, and help keep rogue spirit out.

Seal your home in white light again in your mind and you are done! Remember you can do this as many times as you feel necessary and as often as you like after this. Regular cleansing is a good idea in the home regardless of attack to banish any daily build up of our own e.g. arguments or sad feelings build up negative energy over time.

Our neighbours energy can affect our homes too  – so another good reason for regular cleanses!

I can offer spiritual help in the form of spiritual awakening guidance via phone or Skype

and/or energy work to powerfully cleanse and bless your home and all occupants (including furry friends!)

Spiritual Cleansing and Blessing of Your Home - Rachel Keene