It’s the person holding it that invests a pendulum with its energy. In all spiritual work, the highest intent and the greater good of all concerned should always be in mind, so be careful what kind of knowledge you seek. Ask yourself if it is truly appropriate that you should ask for the information you seek before you actually ask the pendulum anything!

Human beings have used pendulums to get guidance about their lives for thousands of years. No one is sure if the Romans or the Egyptians found the concept of dowsing, but it is recorded in both cultures.

In those ancient times the pendulum first appeared in use as suspended from a tripod with a circle of letters around the outer ring of the tripod. As the pendulum swung towards each one in turn, it would spell out answers to questions asked by those present. This may seem to be akin to a ouiji board, except that if no human being is physically connecting with the pendulum, other forces must be operating.
So who is it that swings the pendulum for us? I believe it is our loved ones, our personal guides or angels – but it is possible also for the earthbound spirits who become bored to be attracted to its use, just as the Ouija attracts them.

So before we begin, it must be made clear that everything you do, you do only with the best and highest intentions, and in the name of love and truth and light. No sneaky questions that could be interpreted as spying into the lives of others!

Whenever we work with spirit or divination tools, it is important to ground and place protection about ourselves with visualisation or prayer, whatever resonates with your beliefs. I never work without protection, as it is possible for earthbound lower entities to control some things, especially so in the case of the pendulum or divining rods. Some easy protection methods are available free here:

You may choose to work “open” psychically if you are developing your psychic or mediumship skills; if so you must place protection around you first, then open up. Never ever open up without protecting yourself first. (You can download a simple guided meditation to do that here)

Dedicating your pendulum
A pendulum has to be cleansed by smudging with incense or sage. This done by holding the pendulum within the smoke, asking whoever you believe is watching over you (guides, doorkeepers, loved ones, angels…) to help you to dedicate the pendulum to you and your energy.

Then you must direct your own personal energy into the pendulum before you begin to use it by holding and enclosing it in both hands tightly and visualise yourself pushing some of your own personal life force energy through your palms into it.

A pendulum should only need to be programmed just once – when you very first use it.

No-one else must use your pendulum; it is a sacred thing just for your own use. This is why your yes/no works for you.

If others use the same pendulum it gets “confused” as the mixed personal energies pull it in different directions.

However you can rededicate the pendulum you have if more than one person uses it, by holding it tight in your closed hand and asking the pendulum to work with you and your energies at this moment. Also crystal pendulums need regular cleansing by running under cold water (spring or tap water will do) and leaving on a windowsill for 24 hours in sun and moonlight.

How to use your pendulum to answer questions
When you are ready to use your pendulum, make sure there are no distractions.
Place protection around you and the room you are working in.

Hold the pendulum between thumb and index finger with a loose relaxed arm and wrist. Hold it in your dominant hand (the one you write with) so that it dangles by the chain – some come with a tiny crystal at the holding end.

Your very first question to your pendulum is to establish your yes/no has to be absolute and without doubt, so you must ask a question you are certain you know the definitive answer to. I always ask it to confirm my name – to establish a yes I ask “Is my name Rachel” – this I know to be my yes. Then I ask “Is my name Bob!” and of course the answer to this is my no direction. From that point on it will only answer truthfully. It will move in a circular or swinging to and fro movement. Only ask yes or no questions – open questions will just confuse the pendulum as it can’t answer!

Try as hard as you can not to concentrate your own mind on the questions that you would like answered.

Always reinforce your protection when you finish working with your pendulum and say thank you for the information given.

If you have opened your psychic mind then you must remember to close down too when you finish each session of working with your pendulum.

Dowsing for energy
You can also ask the pendulum to dowse locations or to find things – I’ll use dowsing for vortices of energy for this example.

After placing protection around you and establishing your yes and no, ask your pendulum to show you where the vortex of energy is.

Start in a doorway or in the centre of the room holding the pendulum as still as possible as you walk around the room.

Your pendulum should swing or circle vigorously as it detects the energy. If there is a vortex there of course… if not you won’t get a reaction. You can do this in all the rooms you wish to.

The same basic principles apply to dowsing for lost objects, power sources, water, or maps. The list is endless!

As long as you hold the highest intent in your heart and mind by asking the pendulum to find what it is you are looking for you will get an accurate answer.

Closing after dowsing for energy
Always reinforce your protection when you finish working with your pendulum and say thank you for the information given.

Keep your pendulum in a special place between uses and remember to cleanse it regularly.

(c) Rachel Keene 2006