Witchcraft is centred around magick, which in itself is neither good nor bad. Magick is simply the use of energy to do certain tasks.

Healing is one of these tasks.

Magick can be used for just about anything. Many of us who revere nature and believe we can use energy for powerful good do believe that energy is within everything, plants, animals, us, the stars, everything is vibrating at molecular level with powerful energetic frequency that we can sense and tap into at will.

We can channel our energy into the earth and from the Universe itself for the greater good of ourselves and others, even world peace. I choose to use energy for the highest good.

Some people abuse magick to harm, or to attain power over the free will of others, which is absolutely wrong, and you’ll have heard this referred to as black or dark magick. No witch I have known practices this, and would not.

There is a rule we in the pagan community abide by. Whatever we do comes back upon us at least three fold. It is very similar to the Hindu rule of Karma. You could also simplify it to “What goes around comes around” -basically whatever you send out, good or bad, the intention behind it will come back to you one way or another. Sometimes its instant, sometimes decades later. But it does return your intention to you.

Magick is a very broad topic, just as Witchcraft is, but the main idea is the same in all of it.

There are so many things you can do, that anyone can do, if you simply believe and put intent behind it. We are only limited by what we don’t believe or cannot imagine to be possible.

Did you find your way to this page because you believe someone is sending harmful intent to you? 

There are numerous ways to empower yourself and decrease the effect of anything sent against you.

Useful References and Resources
…..I am not entirely all-knowledgable about witchcraft, but what I have learned has come from many sources over the years. If you are interested and looking for more in depth material then I would highly suggest you pick up some books and start reading.

Look for authors like Scott Cunningham, Vivianne Crowley, Kate West or Marian Green.