Let me cast some light on those dark thoughts many have about these subjects.

Do Witches worship the Devil ?
The entire concept of “the devil”, the personification of a supreme spirit of evil and unrighteousness, is a man made creation of Middle Eastern fundamental religion including Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Worship of “Satan” would be seen in the eyes of those practising these religions as profaning their religion’s symbolism and is thus a religious heresy rather than anything to do with “Pagan religion”. Historically, the gods of an older religion are branded as the devils of a newer one in order to promote conversion.

The pagan gods and goddesses are in no way connected with any Satanic practice. Most Witches do not even believe there is a Satan and certainly do not worship such an entity .

It is truly sad that so many believe that Witchcraft and/or Pagan life is all about darkness, evil, and satanic worship. This is entirely untrue. You may be asking yourself, “Why does it have such a bad name?” “No smoke without fire?”

This is where religious prejudice comes into play.

During The Crusades, (where “brave knights” rode through Europe and the Middle East putting those to death who didn’t convert to Christianity..) and ever since, many Christians and other organised religions were intent on putting their religion into peoples heads above all others.
They insisted they were right, everyone else was wrong and that the God in which most pagans worship was their creation – Satan.
So, the Crusaders thought that by telling Pagans that they were worshipping evil, it would actually trick them into believing in Christianity, their perceived true and pure god.
A true Christian by the Bible’s definition wouldn’t do this (turn the other cheek, do unto others as you would etc…love thy neighbour and all that )

In the developing world, Pagan festivals, feast times and symbolism were hijacked with Christian symbolism and relevance (Yule became Christmas, Ostara became Easter.. there are more..I could go on … :0)

In these ancient times some misguided souls decided, that anything that was not within “their” religion was evil. Maybe to justify their evil deeds on their crusades.
And so, through the many hundreds of years since, pagans, druids, mediums and witches have been given a bad name.
Pagans have been killed, turned into outcasts, and threatened. We still are subjected to “stigma” today, often from members of our own families.

All largely due to prejudice and ignorance begun thousands of years ago, spread by bigots and bullies.

Don’t believe the hype, we are just the same as anybody else, we aren’t weird, perverted, goat slaughtering, devil worshippers, we just live our lives in harmony with the cycles of Mother Earth, with nature, and we respect others. Is that so strange?

Everyone has the absolute right to believe in organised religion, or nothing at all – these are just my own personal views based on my own research, experiences and enlightenments over the years!!