Location – Haisthorpe House B&B, Windermere, Cumbria

Date – 29th to 30th June 2004

We stayed in this wonderful Edwardian B&B for 2 nights, in room 2, the four poster room. I must begin by saying that I highly recommend this B&B as one of the best in Windermere, and beautifully decorated.

I was woken at 4am by the very aware and interactive spirit of an Edwardian lady standing by the door to the landing. She stood in front of the mirror but had no reflection that I could see.

She was dressed in creamy beige expensive clothing, head to toe. She wore a full length dress, coat and wore a straw boater hat with flowers and ribbon, hair pinned up in curls beneath it. She also wore gloves as if she were going out.

The emotion coming from her was distain and disapproval – because John and I aren’t married and we dared to sleep in the same bed! She faded in a few moments, just present long enough for me to register her disapproval!

Proprieter Des confirmed the next morning when we spoke with him that this wasn’t her first appearance!

He told us that a recent guest in the room next to ours (room 3) had also reported a lady in their room! The wall separating the two rooms was right next to where she appeared !

The house was originally a “gentlemans residence” and so we surmise she may have been the housekeeper!

No further incidences happened and we were sad to leave such a lovely and welcoming house after such a short stay!
We will be back one day..