Transfiguration = change.

It describes how spirit manipulates the ions in the air, our aura and the light to form the appearance of someone else over the normal appearance of a person’s face. This “mask” usually resembles a loved one or a spirit guide making contact.

I have actually experienced (unintended) transfiguration during readings, only apparent to me when the person sitting in front of me suddenly exclaimed they saw a change in my facial features to reflect the appearance of a loved one in Spirit.

This occurs in my case especially around the eyes. It feels like fog, cool and damp. I have since researched the subject and found that the act of Transfiguration is very old and rarely practiced deliberately by mediums today. In my experience it is most likely to happen to me during a séance in a haunted location, and its not something I ask for.

Transfiguration can be comforting to witness sometimes, in sittings where a loved one passed over in unexpected circumstances. It is comforting because the chance to say goodbye is lost in a sudden passing, and with it the opportunity to express how much that person meant to us. Sometimes loved ones that have passed to the world of spirit can choose to come through in this way to aid the healing process – just to communicate that they are fine and still existing, although we can’t see them every day, a glimpse of their familiar face can reassure that they are still alive and well.