(from the French “clair voir” = clear sight)

..is widely misinterpreted as “being able to see into the future”.

Clairvoyance describes the ability to see and receive communication by image or symbolism sent from Spirit, or the ability to sense “layers” of residual energy deposited by the emotions and events of a location in a building or place.

Symbolism is spirit’s way of communicating with you by showing you the things you know.

Every individual has different references and symbols, often differing between cultures; e.g. a rose in our culture means love, in Eastern culture love is associated with a lotus flower.

Spirit will work with you in your own frame of reference & will show you what you recognise or associate with. There are exceptions but on the whole it is easier for them to work with what we recognise.

For example, if I am shown pink roses, this represents love being sent to the sitter. Then the detail seen on them lends further meaning.
For example, thorns on a rose may express the spirit’s acknowledgement that they weren’t the easiest person to get along with in life, but love was always there nonetheless.
Sometimes I might even be shown a film or TV star or cartoon character, enabling me to describe the appearance or personality to the sitter even more accurately!

Clairvoyance is often referred to as the ‘sixth sense’. Any imagery you “see” from spirit either with your actual eyes or with your third eye is therefore, “clairvoyantly” perceived.

Seeing shadows in the periphery of your field of vision, and seeing a flicker or wisp of light, sparkles, or orb lights is a typical sign of your clairvoyant ability being “woken up”.

Most orbs aren’t seen with the naked eye, only on night shot cameras. I can sometimes see them – if you can too, you are certainly blessed with strong clairvoyant ability!

When you are using clairvoyance you will see in your mind images, colours, animated scenes, fleeting glimpses of places. In clairvoyance we ‘see’ with the ‘third eye’. (see sections on the science of the Psychic brain and Chakras for more about the third eye).

Clairvoyance uses the right brain so you may feel more physical sensation on your left side when you use clairvoyance.

We all have the ability to use our clairvoyant mind, it is something we all have without exception.

However, some people only become aware they are clairvoyant after a traumatic event or experience such as a sudden death in the family, a serious accident, a Near Death Experience, illness , blow to the head, etc. Trauma can open us up without us ever realising it.

Remote viewing
is also part of clairvoyance. This is the ability to see a place or person many miles away geographically from where you actually are in real time.
In remotely viewing a place or person, you can describe in detail the surroundings, or what the person you are tuning into is doing. When it happens I’ve often asked someone “were you doing x at x time?” and I usually get a yes!
I recently helped with some missing persons cases in the USA and Russia and I was able to pinpoint and describe areas and the name of a train station in St Petersburg without any prior knowledge of these places.

Psychic Art
Spirit will also use the medium’s natural talents in art and writing to communicate clairvoyantly too.
Psychic artists are able to draw portraits of spirit who chose to communicate, and will often work alongside mediums onstage in demonstrations of mediumship. I am fortunate in that I am able to do both at the same time and am often prompted to draw a spirit guide while I am reading for someone.
See my psychic art page for more about this..

Automatic writing
is also something that can happen, although only usually in séance conditions. The sitter who wishes to receive communication sits with a pen or pencil in their hand and rests it gently as if pausing from writing, on a piece of paper while open. If we ask Spirit to move the pen to communicate, it can happen. This has produced some interesting results and if you photograph the person who is sitting with pen in hand, often a presence is noted on camera.