The aura is an energy field which exists around all living things, including inanimate matter such as rocks or crystals. Everything has an aura and scientists will now acknowledge that so-called “dead” matter has vibrational energy.

We each and every one of us have an aura.

Because we live in the modern world with all its attendant stresses and business, the aura is not generally noticed any more. However, the auric field has texture and colour if you know how to look for it. Each colour determines different aspects of our life our health, our moods, our learning, our spirituality. I can “read” auras as a healing practitioner, but I have found that almost every person who develops their psychic side can if they try. Also, different colours can mean different things to different people. Each of us tends to have his or her own individual meaning which he or she attaches to the colours they see. I’ve included my own definitions at the end of this article along with some simple exercises to help you to see your own aura and those of others.

The ability to see aura is useful. Disease is indicated in the aura long before it becomes evident in the physical body and it is in this etheric body of the aura that I believe the real remedial action begins during the healing process. Healers can interpret the colours in a person’s aura to direct them to the site of physical problems. As ailments can often be seen in the aura, then it is possible to treat them on that level too. I’ve treated people based on what I’ve seen in their aura and received feedback that it worked.. so I know through direct experience it can be so.

We exchange energies with people we come into contact with every day, and so the aura is in a constant state of flow as its natural happy state is to be balanced, and not everyone we mingle with is balanced.

Some very positive people have vital energy in such abundance that their auras are positively charged to the max and they effortlessly radiate this energy. When these people enter a room, other peoples’ auras are so stimulated, that their mere presence gives strength to those around them. History books are full of people with this charismatic and healing energy and we often hear descriptions of events where “the atmosphere was electric”. To illustrate this, imagine the atmosphere at a concert, where fans are united in an outpouring of positive energy in a concentrated space, if you’ve ever been to one you will know the atmospheric feeling I’m describing, elation and goodwill surrounding everyone. This is because everyone’s aura is tingling and positively charged, mingling in close proximity too, creating a Mexican wave of happy!

On the flip side, there are some who are so full of negativity that their aura can almost grate upon the auras of others they come into contact with. We’ve all had that feeling when someone invades our “personal space” (i.e. the aura!) and we instinctively move away. This is primarily a subconscious reaction as your aura positively crackles in defence, wishing to preserve its positive charge! Negative people can sometimes also be draining to be around even for short periods, as they subconsciously use positive energy around them to rebalance their own aura without ever being aware of doing so!

I am sure that everybody has heard of people being termed “green fingered” too. I believe that this is the transmission of our positive auric energy to plant life. If people don’t consciously realise this power it doesn’t matter, as it is vital life force and will be radiated naturally without effort.

Not only can energies be transmitted to human beings, animals and plants, they can also be directed to charge stones, crystals, oils, charms, amulets etc for healing purposes.

The aura can also expand and contract at our will. It is very useful to learn how to do this, to protect our energies in the company of others when we are going about our daily business.


Focusing your gaze is key.. its not rocket science 🙂
There are several methods which work, what I’ve written here is tried and tested.

Auras seem to be more easily seen against light coloured plain backgrounds so bear this in mind as you practice. This method is primarily for sensing the aura around people or animals, but you can adapt it to looking at inanimate objects too.

Ground yourself first.
Grounding gives you a strong base and centred energy to begin psychic work or meditation, it is how we shed the dross of the day and prepare ourselves to work safely, in the moment.

Place your feet flat on the floor and breathe in deeply. On the exhale, picture the excess energy flowing out of your feet and into the Earth.
Keep doing this until you feel calm. Usually my feet feel very heavy after doing this. Breathe deep from your root chakra at the base of your spine or even visualise yourself breathing up through your feet. Feel and “see” the earth beneath your feet, you may even wish to imagine the smell of the earth.

Visualise roots growing from within the earth, wrapping firmly around your feet and ankles, up around your calves to the knees. See these roots anchored securely around a shiny black tourmaline crystal sphere deep within the earth. Be safe in the knowledge that any energy that isn’t your own will leave your auric field and will travel down these roots into the earth and be transformed into positive energy.

You are now ready to go on ..

You can do this in front of a mirror to see your own aura, or you can find a willing volunteer who will let you practice! Cats are usually easy to practice with (especially when they are asleep) :0) If you practice with a person try expanding and contracting the aura too and see if you can tell!

Focus your gaze on your subject, either on their crown chakra at the top of the head, or the heart chakra (chest). Obviously don’t go around staring at random people’s chests, practice on someone who knows you and doesn’t mind giving permission!

Breathe deeply and slowly, and relax your eyes, like when you are staring into the distance in a daydream.

Maintain your focus on that one chosen point on the person. If you go cross eyed just bring your gaze back to the focus point!

After seconds or a few minutes, you will gradually begin to perceive a shape extending out from the body.

You may see solar flare-like spikes or an egg-shaped lighter ring around the head especially. The aura around the head is easier to see, and in my opinion may be the real origin of the halos we see on so many ancient religious pictures!

As you continue to look deeply, look around the body and note different hues within the aura. You may even see swirls of movement, like the way oil moves on water. With practice you will be able to see any holes, tears or clouds within the aura of someone if they have any imbalances or medical issues.

It will take several practice sessions to achieve, but it is certainly worth the effort.

Bear in mind these are the ones that resonate with me, you may find differently..

Healing ability

Successful people have a lot of turquoise.
Signifies a deep need for peace, divine communication and faith. Artistic talent and creativity; many healers and therapists have a turquoise aura.

Shows knowledge through intellect, the perfect functioning of the analytical mind. People with sunny dispositions and a strong personality have bright sunny yellow.

LEMON Strength of direction
EGG YOLK Bossiness, a desire to control and egotism.
MUSTARD Yellow or dirty yellow indicates mental illness.
Personal strength and courage

Blue tells me about inner peace, faith, deep feelings and communication. Trusting with an urge to help others, it can also show introvertedness, caution, fear and anxiety.

(Pale) Sensitivity
(Sky) Strong natural instincts
(Cobalt) Intuition from higher dimensions
(Prussian) Harmony
(Royal) Stability
(Navy) Slow, safe, sure people
(Indigo) Strong psychic ability

Environmentalists and people who work with the land tend to have a lot of brown. (Also tends to synchronise with green)
It indicates trustworthy and reliable personas but negative aspects can be superstition, lethargy, laziness and lack of ambition if seen in those who don’t have a connection with nature.

DARK BROWN – commonsense
TERRACOTTA – challenger of convention

Those who are centred, balanced and grounded, again, green is often seen with brown, as it denotes a connection with nature. Stability and strength.

(Pale) Spiritual advancement
(Apple) Healing ability
(Jade) Charitable nature
(Olive) Mean with money, materialism
(Dark) Mental stress, high expectations and inflexibility.

Feeling trapped
(Dark grey/black = Depression)

Spiritual balance and healing/psychic ability, humility, one-ness with all things.

Entrepreneurism- great head for business!

Very active, physical, dynamic, vital energy. Likes a challenge and life in the fast lane. Red people show emotions and will power but also hyper-activity, anger and resentment at times.

CARMINE Seeking change
CRIMSON Creativity
MAROON Self empowerment
RUSSET A hard working person
SCARLET Strength

Combines activity and thought, Creativity, intelligence, arty. It shows strength, positivity, ambition and adventure. Strong motivation.
Dark orange indicates tension, tiredness and depression.

Loyalty and commitment, people deeply in love have lots of pink!

Intense psychic ability -often with Pagan tendencies

Indicates a strong link with the spirit realm and most often seen around mediums. Spiritual inspiration and excellent interpersonal communication skills.

This includes aspects of all the colours. It shows a strong connection with the inner source, high energy levels and enlightenment. Negative aspects can be a tendency to fantasize, no grasp on reality, stress and pain.


Expansion and contraction of the aura is possible by using visualisation techniques. I expand mine when I prepare to communicate with spirit and raise my vibration to theirs – but it only happens when I visualise it, I’m not aware of doing it any other time.

When my aura is expanded I’m in a room with one or two people max, and we are there for a reading. Maybe if we do it subconsciously in everyday circumstances or in a busy place we will be more aware of those around us – like dolphin sonar, we could be picking up those close to us more than usual, anyone in our aura registers as too close when normally they wouldn’t?

If your aura projects a good distance all the time – it will be tiring, as people mingling with your aura all the time would be nerve jangling! It would be like spending your life on a stuffed tube train, a constant feeling of people being too close for comfort, even if they aren’t. Notice how one person’s perception of their personal space is smaller or greater than another’s? Its all to do with the range of their aura.

If you are outdoors, or in a place with strangers and feel under psychic attack or aware of someone disliking you, visualise a sphere around your personal space.

If there isn’t enough room to visualize a sphere without someone stepping into it (e.g. in a queue or sitting in a circle) then you can retract the aura.


If you want to shrink your aura back to however close you want it to be – its very simple.

Mentally focus on pulling the aura back into your body until it is just surrounding you in a “coating” – like the Ready Brek glow!

Fill it with golden or white light – sounds silly but it works, because you then only have it a few inches around you, and it won’t be mingling with anyone else’s aura if you are sitting or standing that close to someone negative in a situation where you are unable to move away from them. Handy!

You can visualise mirror or armoured plating around the glow too – if you really need to. Mentally state that your aura will expand again when it has the space to do so safely, and that the “armour” will fall away once its job is done.

© Rachel Keene 2006