My Code of Ethics

My code as an honest practitioner:

I will at all times maintain an ethical and professional relationship with you. I will not abuse your trust for my own personal benefit.

If you are under 18, I will need parental permission to work with you.

I reserve the right to refuse any service  request (or part or question thereof). I do not have to disclose why, but often do.

Please note I cannot answer questions about third parties or their motives.

I will hold all written and verbal communication with you in strict confidence.

I will always tell the truth, and will not impose information on you that you have clearly indicated that you do not wish to know or explore further.

NON-JUDGMENT: I will hold space for you and always provide my services with compassion and in a non judgemental manner.

I will offer you the benefit of my experience, however.. I will not give advice in areas for which I am not qualified. If you require a doctor, psychologist, solicitor/lawyer, financial adviser, accountant, or any other professional service for which I am not qualified, I will encourage you to seek such service from someone who is.

My goal is to allow you to take responsibility for your own decisions and actions, and to act according to your own conscience for the greater good of all concerned.

I will strive to help you feel empowered to make practical, life-affirming decisions and/or changes.

I will strive to make each service a blessing for everyone involved. I will be encouraging and try to leave you with a sense of renewed strength and hope.

I will not let you become overly dependent upon my services, nor pressure you for return visits.