Meditation Evolution


A series of guided meditation tools to enhance your spiritual well-being, psychic and mediumship abilities.

Seeing as you found this page, are you are on a journey of  self improvement and enhancing your spiritual well-being? Maybe you even believe in an afterlife, a place between earthly lives we all come from and return to?

I strongly believe in both.

I truly believe we are all born with some degree of extra-sensory psychic ability.
Like radios, some of us have a stronger antenna than others when it comes to naturally being able to receive and perceive day to day guidance or even messages from our guides, angels and loved ones.

  • What if you could develop that ability into something stronger?
  • What if you could feel calmer, more able to flow with whatever life brings your way?
  • What if you could sleep better at night?

I’ve been collaborating with my app developer Binary Computing again.
This time we are bringing you an app you can use with your Windows computer or gadgets  to bring full screen visuals and meditations together as mind training tools to enhance your life,

PLUS you’ll receive automatic updates to your library each and every time I record and publish a new meditation at no extra cost.

Mind, body and spirit improved!

  • Make meditation an easy part of your daily routine and enjoy all the benefits it brings to you.
  • Train your mind to become less stressed and more calm just by listening.
  • Reduce anxiety levels
  • Develop your psychic and mediumship abilities


  • Select  your meditation audio.
  • Select visual FX to suit your mood
  • Set Window or Full screen mode
  • Add your own meditation audio files to the library
  • Follow my voice through simple mind training techniques
  • Binaural beats and sound frequencies behind the soothing music help to train your mind.

The FREE trial version provides one meditation audio file and allows you to add your own.

To unlock and access the full meditation audio library, you can purchase, download and enter your unique license key.  The program will automatically download the meditations and all other future updates.

Buy Now –  including all future new meditations