Meet your Spirit Guide

This is an easy to follow meditation, suitable to use as a means to meet your guide for the first time.

Click here for a downloadable meditation to meet your spirit guide...

Don’t be concerned if it doesn’t happen for you the first time -this is common.

As you get to know your guide, you will get to know their quirks and little ways, and become more comfortable with your communication. Mine are always joking and providing laughter !

Before undertaking a meditation to meet your guide for the first time, there are some things you should know.

Spirit guides are the same as ordinary people when it comes to communicating with politeness – “Please” and “Thank you” are still required!

They, like us, appreciate being spoken to with respect. They usually have a good sense of humour – and always only want what’s best for us.

Don’t become too dependant on direct communication with your Spirit guides. Our own intuition and gifts are aided enough by our guides via the subconscious most of the time anyway.

Communication is on their terms as their first mission is to guide you 24 – 7 on a more subtle and subconscious level. They will not be summoned to answer trivial questions that have no real illuminating purpose, for your life purpose or the greater good!

Don’t be concerned if you don’t meet your guide first, second or third time you do the meditation – when the time is appropriate for your guide to introduce themselves, they will. Keep trying every so often, and when they know the time is right for us they will step forward, and not before.

Create the right atmosphere for meditation, unplug the phone and make sure you won’t be disturbed, get yourself a glass of water, light a candle or incense, whatever you feel you need for comfort – its important to be as comfortable as possible.

(c) Rachel Keene