My Code of Ethics and Disclaimer

(For my protection and yours!) British law dictates that any of the intuitive advisory services which I offer are “for entertainment purposes only”. They must not be misconstrued as professional counselling or medical treatments and if any advice is acted upon, I do not take any responsibility for the outcome.

I am not a doctor, nor do I hold any certificates in any western conventional medical area of expertise whatsoever. Any healing sessions I undertake must never replace conventional diagnosing or treating by the medical authorities. All healing I offer is complementary, not alternative.

The owner of this website does NOT take any responsibility for you acting upon any advice given to you whatsoever. The outcome and responsibility of you undertaking any advice given is purely down to you as an individual using your free will and choice.

All of my services are strictly confidential and will not be discussed with or shown to outside sources without the prior consent of those persons involved. Private information given to me will never be passed on to other companies or any other third parties.

I do not and will not research people’s lives, histories or use private detectives or any other methods to do so. Nor do I use hidden microphones, cameras or any other kind of surveillance technology, before, during or after any of my sessions. Past Life Regressions will be recorded on digital audio if you require a recording and consent to it.

Restrictions of Use
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