Avebury Crystal Healing

45 minutes distant healing

£45 GBP

and in  discounted block bookings

for those committed to regular well-being treatments

Avebury has called me for decades.

I’m always pleasantly startled by silver linings. They usually come with hindsight or after the worst of challenging experiences, and in this case it is during.
If you’ve been subscribed for a while you’ll know I’m still waiting for surgery on a huge ovarian cyst that’s been in my body for at least a decade, misdiagnosed as a hernia many years ago. I’ve now been referred to yet another hospital, so since April, I’ve really channelled any frustration into healing myself on a higher level than ever before. I’m no stranger to pain, I’ve managed daily chronic pain of arthritis and old injuries for many years with holistic healing modalities, meditation techniques, natural remedies and healthy diet.
This past year has challenged what I thought I knew about pain, and pushed me to really take back power and build it to a whole new belief in what I can do to heal myself.
In early April 2023, I was in hospital, waiting, prepped in my surgical gown for 9 hours, until someone finally told me the surgery had been cancelled. Angry wasn’t the word! I went home, vented, cried frustrated tears, then decided I was taking back my power, right now.
I meditated on what needed to change, how could I thrive best and bounce back fastest, not just from the frustrations, but from the trauma of the bouts of pain I’d been suffering, from the whole experience of being misdiagnosed and ignored, unheard for so long by the medical establishment. They had also told me to stop taking my natural go-to remedies and supplements pre-surgery which I noticed had made me a lot weaker.
So, with no new surgery date in sight, I wanted to bounce back and feel my powerful self ASAP.
Whenever I want to make a powerful change fast, I meditate and bring in my guides and ancestors, loved ones and ask,
“What do I need to know?”
My guides showed me Avebury, a neolithic stone circle and place of incredible healing power for me and many others over and over, and that I should choose some very specific crystals and incense from the two shops there within the circle, bless and dedicate them all to healing work, and charge them up on the Ring Stone. It was such an insistent message, we wasted no time.
That weekend we went to Avebury. I always feel instantly better there, not just supercharged with peaceful energy, but I’d noticed on previous visits, I don’t feel any pain while I am there, and pain is much less for me in the days following a visit.
I found the crystals and incense I needed, took them to the Ring Stone, and silently did the work needed while Mr F drummed a beautiful healing on his Rav Vast drum. It was a powerful experience I will remember forever. Outwardly, anyone looking at me would just see a woman with her head bowed and eyes closed in meditation 😊 Inwardly, the universe was opening up and showing me that I must take healing back into my own power, surgery or no surgery.

A strong wave of healing energy came in, and it has stayed with me ever since. It is very ancient, love filled and pure raw life force, Source itself. Similar feeling to Reiki flow but so much stronger. It has taken my weakness and returned my power back to me at full strength and then some. The trauma is gone. I’m just in feisty “bring it on!” mode for whatever comes next, and I have a deep certainty I can handle it.

Somehow I’ve gone from having bouts of the worst pain in my life, to feeling better than I have in years.

I feel so much stronger, physically, emotionally, mentally. I still have challenges, I still have pain, but it is all much less and entirely manageable, I have bounced back and have never felt so spiritually powerful and centred.

I feel compelled to offer this healing energy alongside everything else I do, you can experience it as a healing treatment, trauma banisher, empowering energy or epiphany bringer and who knows what other benefits it will bring!

You can book yourself in and try this for yourself as a distant healing treatment. You’ll find it under Distant Healing Treatments on my Book Now page with the title Avebury Crystal Healing.

I’ll be fascinated to hear how this changes things up for you if you decide to try it. I am astounded and most grateful for what it is doing for me personally.
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