Why you need a piece of my spiritual art in your home

Some time ago, my spirit guides prompted me to create artworks to use as a tool for spiritual healing and development. Artworks filled with inspirational and intense healing and motivational energy to calm, relax and spiritually empower the viewer.

I create each piece via the channelled energy of my spirit guides, inspired by the vastness of our Universe and the abundant energy within it. We can all tap into that vast resource of powerfully positive energy with little more than realising we are already a part of it. It is already within us.

We are made of the same elements as the moon and stars.

As I create each artwork, I am infusing and empowering the imagery to store Reiki energy for your highest and greatest good. When you have one of these spiritual art pieces in your home, the healing  vibrational energy works its way into the atmosphere and to you. Your highest needs are served.

By gazing at the artwork and allowing yourself to relax into a meditative state, you are reminded that you are part of the infinite, the One consciousness and the ever expanding Universe. You gaze upon the images of distant stars… nebulae… the moon… knowing this energy you commune with  is assisting you in self healing and spiritual transformation on all levels.

Just click on the image below to browse and see which image draws you and resonates with your energy the most.

You can order prints and canvases wherever you are in the world.