30 Minute Distant Healing

Distant Healing Treatments
Not sure which healing treatment is right for you? It’s OK, you can leave it to me 🙂
Our energy body is like a fingerprint – no two people are the same.
When you book a 30 Minute Distant Healing session with me, I tune in to your energy to discern what you need… whether its Eir, Reiki, Rahanni, Ethereal Crystal Therapy, Chakra Cleanse and Balance, Diamond Energy Therapy or a blend of them all!
Some feedback received:
“Hi Rachel,
I could feel it immediately!
I felt so much tranquillity and calmness.
Today I am very relaxed and emotional, as always you tuned in with me perfectly!
It was much needed, thank you for all your support and energy.
So happy to have you in my life 💕
Thank you, Rachel!
All the best