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  1. Dear Rachel:

    I agree with you about electronic connections and spirits. Just one experience my mother had with her cell phone and my sister who passed away Sept. 1, 2018. My mom and my sister were close and I know my mom worried about her during her time here and after. Her cell phone went off one morning showing my sister’s number and name on the screen, my mother never had put my sister’s number in the phone or name. The phone rang three times and as my mom went to answer it she saw Kim Campanelli, my sister’s name on the screen but no answer when she said hello. I do believe it was a sign of sorts saying “mom don’t worry about me”. An amazing happening to me because I was skeptical about the subject.

    Thanks for your very well done article above and for listening to my story

    Steve Dupree
    West Haven, CT

  2. I’ve had the washing machine break, the computer break, the fridge fan start making a loud noise, my son’s Surface stop working and my other son dropped his one in the bath all in the last 4 months since kicking my abusive partner out the house. It’s getting too much to just be wear and tear- expensive too!

  3. My three year old died in my bedroom four months ago after a long illness. He loved his “light up shoes” but never really got to use them. I have them sitting in my closet. Twice now, once on the morning after his death and once today, I go into my closet and turn on the light. As soon as I touch it, I get a shock, and then his shoes start lighting up behind me. It seems too much of a coincidence.

  4. Kim thank you so much for sharing this beautiful validation that your son lives on and can show you he still visits. Love never dies

  5. Hi Stephen, This is an amazing validation of how our loved ones can do amazing things to let us know they are alive and well in the spirit world. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. I agree, it’s expensive! Have you cleansed your home since to clear all that old negative energy away? I would recommend it asap as it does help. Let me know if you need any help with that.

  7. I have a question my step dad was an abusive alcoholic and I have no wish to re connect with him will he be on a different plane to me?

  8. No, we don’t have to reconnect with abusive people at all if we don’t want to have any kind of dialogue. We create our own reality on the other side

  9. I’ve been hearing these voices through various forms of EVP (if that is the abbreviation) I’m not certain why, though I have an idea. I’ve known other mediums and have been friends with some of them, not having sought them out,but having met by chance. I’ve always had spiritual faith, though I’ve struggled to know and understand the truth of our existence because I don’t feel we have been given the correct information, or at least ALL of the information regarding humanity, Christ, and The One whom we refer to as “God.” I do know from recent experience that there is in fact spiritual entities that do not look like us, in our World. We cannot see them like we see one another but they can be brought out in film or photograph. I haven’t shared this information with to many and I also recently uploaded my first YouTube video which is quite amazing
    I came across your story about Simon when searching for information about these spirits, who speak as clearly as you and I, but heard through the white noise. They know me by name but I’m leery due to dark forces and energy I’m not familiar with. I’m not psychic or clairevoyant myself, though I am very perceptive. I’ve had plenty of very unique spiritual experiences that I’m trying to put in book form but I’m only halfway there and I’m constantly distracted and in the midst of fighting some of my own personal demons. I’m writing you because Simon, John, and the number 28 all have personal meaning to me.

  10. My dad died in June 2018 in a Dementia home although I say to this day that at 90 he just had an aging brain, not dementia, although I was happy enough for them to care for him as I could not cope. I visited most nights after work and we went shopping or walked. We were very close.
    The home rang me the day he died and I went straight there, although ‘out of it’ lying near death in bed the previous day he had hugged me tightly across his chest grunting the rhythm of ‘my little girl’. I went straight to his room and for 3 hours I talked to him and several times went and hugged him and talked to him all the time whilst stripping and packing his things. We are a very practical family and the homes want you out inside 3 days. I left the room to ask for a bin bag and the alarm went off in there. A staff member hurried past me to turn it off and I said ‘It won’t be In there will it’ to which she replied ‘oh it is, they don’t like being left on their own, lots of funny things happen here when someone dies’.
    A week later I was chatting on my mobile to my closest loving cousin who lives 50 or more miles away about dad and my mobile rang whilst I was actually talking to her on it and at the same time she said ‘oh how funny Brian’s car alarm is going off’. My mobile recorded no incoming call on the log.
    I’m certain dad was saying I’m still around, but nothing since so I feel he is surrounded by his passed family and is ok, he doesn’t need me but he loves me.
    Years ago I touched the collar of our dead welsh sheepdog she had always been very nervy and I got a hit of buzzy energy, that night she pushed into the door of my bedroom and came up to my bed for a love.
    So many of my customers at work tell me of similar experiences, I never believed it before I thought when we died the lights went out, finished, now I am sure we are just energy.
    Thank heavens. Now I understand why people often die happily.

  11. Hi Rachel

    I came across your website and am very interested in some of your courses. Where are you based?


  12. So my husbands’ uncle passed today. We were at home and he passed in the hospital. At 12:10/12:15 the power went off in our home for about 10 mins. I checked with electrical company and no one else in area had been affected… it came back on and I did not think anything else of it until 2pm. At that point I had called my mother in law (who was at the hospital) – the call was answered by my father in law. He told me how my hubby’s uncle had just passed about “an hour and a half ago”. Yes. At around the exact time the power here at home went off. Coincidence??? I think not. RIP Joe.

  13. Hello…I have a question with regards to how spirits communicate. In 2015 when my choir director passed away, I heard what sounded like high pitched radio frequencies for nearly a week. The sounds stopped when I did something that I think my choir director wanted me to do, which was to reach out to a mutual friend. The second time I heard the same high pitched radio frequencies was a day after my husband passed away in October 2017…this time the sounds occurred for only one day. Do spirits try to communicate in this fashion and will I eve hear it again…thank you.

  14. Hi Marybeth,
    Yes, I have also experienced this many times over the years. It is a part of clairaudience and you will probably experience this again and can develop your abilities further if you wish to. Think of it like the phone company testing the line before an upgrade It is quite common!

  15. Hi Shannon,
    Joe must be one strong force of nature to announce his arrival in the spirit world with such a blast! I don’t believe in coincidence in circumstances like this. He was there.

  16. Hi Giverny,
    Apologies for the delay in reply! I am in Hertfordshire UK. All my courses are available as home study and distance attunement too. Hope that helps

  17. Hi Rachel, I’m at my wits end with my home and I wonder if you ever do house visits? I live in Sevenoaks in Kent and I’d be happy to pay travel costs and expenses in addition to your fee.

    We are a family of 4 and I in particular feel that our home is an incredibly negative place. We have suffered ill health, stress, relationship difficulties etc since we have moved here. The difference in our energy levels when we are away from home is striking. It’s as though the house weighs us down and saps our energy.

    Would you kindly advise whether this is something g you can help with?

    Kind regards

  18. Hi Rachel- I am currently experiencing spirit manipulation since September of last year. I am being tormented and this spirit watches me and creates pulls, pushes, moves my body. He or she won’t leave me alone. I was apart of a spiritual religion and believe this is connected to this. This spirit manipulates my phone, time, people around me. It needs to stop. Love your advice. Thank you! Emily

  19. Hi Emily
    What an awful time you are having, my heart goes out to you. My first approach would be to have some cleansing and healing for yourself and to have your home cleansed all within the same 24 hours to get everything cleared. That is often the solution in most cases like this I’ve worked on. I can help you with that distantly but there are others out there who could see you in person if you prefer.
    Wishing you the very best for your highest good.

  20. Hi Anna,
    I can only provide a distant service due to my mobility but do contact your local Spiritualist church for a recommendation for someone who can visit in person. There’s a directory online if I recall correctly.

  21. Dear Rachel
    Last night I was sitting on the couch and felt what I can only describe as a hard flick to my chest with and electrical shock. It was mildly painful but more shocking than anything. I did not see anything and nobody was there. I have no idea what to make if this . About 20 years ago a friend of mine gave me a green crystal necklace and one night I was lying in bed wearing it and I got that same kind of shock through my whole body which seemed to start from the crystal on the necklace. Please let me know what you think
    Thank you

  22. Hi Susan,
    Green crystals, especially worn near the chest do interact with the seat of emotion, love and compassion, the heart chakra. When something like this reaction happens I ask myself what was in my thoughts? What was going on that day, what maybe needed healing in that area in myself or others close to me? If the same happens again, do check in with your doctor too just to make sure your health is fine.

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