Solar Storm In Progress – Mind Fog but oooh look at the pretty… :)


So, we are in the midst of the arrival of a big old solar emission – super charged particles hitting the planet in the form of a “solar wind” which, could be why I have major brain fog and Mr F and I attempting to have deep and meaningful discussions about the universe last night resulted in us blethering as words were difficult to form! 😀

So, be gentle with yourself and those you love until the spring equinox on the 20th March – just in case their moments of gibberish or daft decisions are down to the sun flinging its matter at us!

Yet with the fog and technical hitches (our Freesat TV box always plays up during these solar storms!)  comes the beauty – the aurora borealis are AMAZING  right now – look at this gentleman’s video as the storm arrived in the Arctic Circle:

and you can view the aurora live in Abisko National Park in Sweden via many webcams here:

Lights Over Lapland – STF Abisko Webcam

So let’s enjoy the silver lining of beauty and spectacle and just be kind until it passes!