Yes we CAN blame it on the sunshine… (and a few other things)

Feeling super anxious, emotionally sensitive or just plain grrrrrr? Been feeling a bit woolly headed brain foggy this past week or so?  Other people and electronic gadgets been refusing to co-operate ? People being a-holes for no good reason?

We have had a right old combo of energies… from the Earth’s magnetic field spiking to higher levels than usual, the sun causing some gnarly space weather and iffy astrological stuff too. So it’s really not you 

Yes the sun has been bombarding us with electro-magnetic energy again!

Earth is exiting a stream of solar wind that sparked brief G1-class geomagnetic storms when it arrived on Feb. 27th.  A new stream of solar wind could arrive as early as March 3rd, bringing more magnetic unrest.

We are also encountering a very emotional time universally, needing to feel an energy exchange in our inter-personal relationships, and a repeating theme so far this year of making our boundaries crystal clear to avoid any misunderstandings or focusing on what’s lacking rather than our blessings. This coming full moon on the 2nd March is going to highlight where we need to purge or simplify day to day life and we may find ourselves saying things we don’t mean if we aren’t mindful!

So batten down the hatches, no emotional Tourettes – try not to swear at people you love, or at your TV when the remote refuses to work, just be extra kind to yourself, keep life simple, don’t say yes to things you really want to say hell no to, and make sure you communicate very simply and clearly for the next few days at least  

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