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  1. Dear Rachel:

    I agree with you about electronic connections and spirits. Just one experience my mother had with her cell phone and my sister who passed away Sept. 1, 2018. My mom and my sister were close and I know my mom worried about her during her time here and after. Her cell phone went off one morning showing my sister’s number and name on the screen, my mother never had put my sister’s number in the phone or name. The phone rang three times and as my mom went to answer it she saw Kim Campanelli, my sister’s name on the screen but no answer when she said hello. I do believe it was a sign of sorts saying “mom don’t worry about me”. An amazing happening to me because I was skeptical about the subject.

    Thanks for your very well done article above and for listening to my story

    Steve Dupree
    West Haven, CT

  2. I’ve had the washing machine break, the computer break, the fridge fan start making a loud noise, my son’s Surface stop working and my other son dropped his one in the bath all in the last 4 months since kicking my abusive partner out the house. It’s getting too much to just be wear and tear- expensive too!

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