I’m baaaa-aaaaaack! :)

Well the house of horrors is behind us and I’m at peace with what happened becasue unpleasant as it was it brought us here, to the most instantly welcoming home I’ve ever lived in. We are in the perfect little cottage on a working very horsey farm now. I’m sure those of you who come to see me one to one will love it as much as me and Mr F do!  Already had the log fire going and loving the 17th century vibe here… Almost unpacked and feeling very content and happy. I’ve bonded with a pony on the farm, we nod at each other in the mornings while I peep at him from the kitchen window drinking my coffee!

Huge thanks to you all for the kindness, patience and supportive messages and cards while we dealt with a horrible time, you know who you are 😉 so wait no longer! I’m firing on all cylinders, feeling rested so book yourselves in, its all systems go again at RachelKeene.net!

Brightest Blessings