Best laid plans… but good news for you!

Well folks, what was supposed to be a nice relaxing break from the grind, turned into a nightmare.

Last weekend we noticed Louis, one of our two elderly but kittenish cats, was a bit out of puff and a bit more wonky than usual. We kept a close eye on him but on Monday he looked tubbier than usual and by Tuesday he was struggling to breathe… we were so worried we took him to the vet immediately. Given his recent history of strokes, we were really expecting the vet to tell us to say goodbye to Louis.

Thankfully, we have a great vet, who is all about the welfare of a creature rather than turning a profit, he just smiled and said “no its not come to that yet, he has a good chance, we’ll try medication.”

After a scan and an X-Ray, we discovered poor Loulou has had over 1kg of fluid on his lungs and in his abdomen due to heart failure. He is now on a lot of meds (and Reiki from us of course!) and will need more treatment. He still loves his food, he’s happy and interactive again and is responding well already and breathing a little easier after a few days, so we remain hopeful and positive. But we do know we’re at a very delicate border between life and death with him from now on for the rest of his days and have fully prepared ourselves for him to possibly go at any time.

So, to help continual funding of this small fortune of care, I’ve reduced the cost of Phone and Skype readings from now until May 17th to £40 GBP instead of the usual £50. You can book ahead for any time in the future, even next year if you wish – but the booking and payment needs to be with me by midnight on May 17th 2013 to qualify for your £10 GBP discount. Here’s the page: Book Now

and here’s Louis in one of his more entertaining poses when he wasn’t so poorly 🙂

Have a great weekend, and if you have furry friends, give them extra big fuss and love, right now, big cuddles… we never know how long we have with them 🙂 xxx