Hot water! My kingdom for hot water…

Well folks its day 4 in the Fowler-Keene household of No Hot Water. I’m surprised I’m not havign past life flashbacks to days of yore where washing in an icy stream was de rigeur every time I lose sensation in my extremities in the shower. And thank the heavens for dry shampoo… (TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Little Secret is awesome!!) when a girl has hair this long, icy hair washing and conditioning is NOT happening! I tried it the other day and got brain freeze for over half an hour afterwards… knickers to that in this weather!

So its a lesson in gratitude… to be thankful for the small luxuries in life we take for granted, like a reallly hot shower… *sigh* I shall be worshipping the gods of hot water when its fixed! But it turns out the plumber is a very spiritually minded chap with above average sensitivity to spirit so we’ve been discussing all kinds of his experiences and he’ll be coming back to see me for some advice … so yep, that hot water went kaput for a reason, just like everything else happens for purposes often hidden at the time.

I’ve needed to look at ways to simplify the booking process for you my lovely clients so I’m in the midst of automating my booking service which will hopefully free up hours of my week from now on by enabling you to book your own appointment slots here on site instead of to-ing and fro-ing by email or phone. Which means more time I can devote to my ever present backlog of e-mail reading requests! I am currently still working on requests submitted on 3rd January as end of Dec/early Jan was an insanely popular time for bookings… I am really grateful and amazed to be so busy, always.

So, my personal theme this week is gratitude, for all things great and small. May my amazement and awe of the Universe and all its workings never ever leave me 🙂