Wishing Moons Update for 2013

Hi folks!

Just updated my Moon info page with all the Wishing Moon dates for 2013 so get your diaries out! You can learn how to very simply harness the powerful energy of these times here step by step: The Moon

Yesterday was as usual, an interesting one… while I was attuning a lady to Reiki master level, her spirit guide came forward and told me she was about to have a major breakthrough in communicating with him, and to bide my time, she would mention him. So, after the attunement, she practised Reiki on me for a short while to become accustomed to the new increased flow of energy…and she asked me if she had a guide with her! I confirmed yes, he is working with her already… but he stepped in and told me not to tell her his name as she was going to tell me herself and she had to be the one to discover it… and then she said she’d always had a name for him in mind – and she was correct!

I then described him to her, he looked rather Wild West cowboyish… and she lit up and talked about how as a child her hero was John Wayne… I had to smile and tell her, there is often great purpose to how a guide will present to us, as our spirit guides will often carefully select a past lifetime’s appearance, not necessarily one they lived most recently, but one where they know there will be a resonance with us, to cement our trust. Oh I do love how the Spirit world works 🙂

Bright Blessings

Rachel x

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